The Results Are In!

We would like to share with you some results from specials we have run in our previous newsletters and highlight some upcoming specials. Also, in our last newsletter we had a Guess that Breed Contest featuring Scratch (pictured to the right). We would like to extend our congratulations to our winner, Elaine. Scratch’s heritage actually includes a Toy Fox Terrier, Miniature Poodle and Chihuahua. His owners have taken to calling him a Chiterripoo! Do you have a dog you’ve always wondered, “What’s in the mix?” but never had the opportunity to find out? For the month of May, we will be running a special on our Wisdom DNA Panel, giving you the perfect chance to satisfy your curiosity. If you would like to take advantage of this special please call or email the office to schedule an appointment.

Several of our clients took advantage of the Pet Wellness Screening special we had in January of this year. It resulted in many surprises and allowed us to help several owners and patients. There is no up-side in the wild to showing signs of disease or pain, so many of our patients suffer in silence for too long. In an effort to save money, we often guess which tests will give the most relevant information, and this special showed us we lose valuable information by doing so. In response, to make complete testing more affordable, we have created a permanent Pet Wellness Test Package that allows us to find problems before life limiting side effects set in. Please call or email us if you would like to schedule a Pet Wellness Test for your furry friend.

Spring is upon us and with it will come this year’s batch of creepy crawlies – ticks and fleas, mosquitos, parasites like giardia and coccidia, and worms such as tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. We want to make sure your pets are fully protected. Last year we did a parasite screening special in the spring which allowed us to identify four of our patients that tested positive for tick borne diseases. We were able to treat all of them before the crippling effects of these diseases set in and they are doing great. We were so pleased with the results, we are going to do another screening special this April. Please take advantage of this special and get your pets tested and protected.