We adopted our precious Shylo from a mill dog rescue organization and he was very sick when we took him home. We immediately brought him to Dr. Miller. Her quick and thoughtful diagnostics, along with her passion for healing our pet, was evident then and continues to be evident to this day. We bring Shylo in for routine care, illness, and injury, and she is always there for us. She is honest and loving and we trust her 100% with our pet’s health. I never feel ‘rushed’ during her examinations, nor do I feel like my time is wasted. Dr. Miller’s thoroughness and accuracy are refreshing. She is conscientious of the costs to care for a pet, and gives us complete information and genuine support to make the best decisions we can. The clinic staff really do care about pets and people. We will bring Shylo, and any other animal we adopt into our family, to Dr. Miller every time.
– Nicole Jaech (Shylo)