“Schatz (German for treasure) was truly just that — a treasure that we found at the Denver Dumb Friends League. For 14 years, she was my baby, my best friend and my hiking buddy. For 12 of those 14 years, she was the only baby in the house. Then, I had my oldest son and will never forget the day I brought him home. I sat on the sofa and my husband brought her in. I had been gone for three days, so she was very excited to see me. She came running over and just about the time she got to me, the baby in my arms made a little noise. She stopped dead and tilted her in the cutest way, as if to say, “SAY WHAT?” I was afraid she would be jealous, but in her incredible way of making me love her more every day, she became my son’s guardian. She slept under his bed and was his biggest fan.

Needless to say, when the time came to say good-bye to my Schatz, I was devastated. However, in the midst of this terrible sorrow, I remember thinking how kind and how compassionate Dr. Miller was to me in Schatz’s final moments. I knew and I felt that she truly understood my loss, and rather than being an uncomfortable stranger in a very personal moment, she became my ally — my friend who stood with me in a moment when I felt very vulnerable. I knew at that moment she would be my family’s veterinarian for life. She brings the rare combination of ability, humor and compassion to her job. I can’t thank her enough for all she did for Schatz…and all she is doing now for Cash, our newest family member.”
– Jill McGranahan (Schatz)