“I have known Dr. Miller for some time now and can attest that not only is she the only vet I would trust with my pets, she is also in general someone I would trust with anything I cared about. In one word…She Cares. I am honored to write a testimonial for Dr. Miller and am happy to share my experience of her with my dog Sarah. In fact, Dr. Miller even gave “free advice” for one of our horses at our kids’ camp.

She is willing to do whatever it takes to serve the community and be a strong advocate for animals. She has integrity, compassion, and a huge heart. She treats animals with respect and unconditional love. Her education is unmatched and the amount of time, money and effort she has committed in order to provide Rising Sun Animal Care with what it takes to be a comprehensive Wellness Center is only a fraction of what she is willing to do to make sure animals have a voice and caregivers have options. I highly recommend her as a Veterinarian and can’t say enough about her as a person. It is refreshing to find people who really, really care.”
– Heather Steele (CEO, Steele Communications, Inc. / CEO, WindRiders Adventure Camp)