Missy & Cissy

“The ability to trust the person who medically cares for the animals in my life is of paramount importance to me. Owning two sweet American Eskimo dogs, I fell in love with Dr. Deanna the first time she told me how much she adores “white fuzzies.” My trust and confidence began building as she cared for my animals through the various mishaps and illnesses they have experienced. The final validation occurred when my therapy dog, Cissy, had a reaction to her Rabies shot and would have died if not for the quick and accurate diagnosis on Dr. D’s part. She is “to-the-point” in her approach, which is instrumental in our decision making processes.

Dr. Deanna is analytical, understanding and knows what is best for any animal (and for the two-legged owners!). Her love and respect of all animals is apparent – being a veterinarian isn’t a “job” to her – it is definitely a calling. My dogs are my life, so I virtually trust her with my life.”
– Mary Haack (Cissy & Missy)