My beagle had a strange growth on his foot two weeks ago and I remembered seeing a vet advertise her new practice in our group. I found her postings and contacted Dr. Deanna Miller. I was able to work with both Dr. Miller and Dr. McGuire. I have been to many vets over the past 12 years in different towns and their practice exhibited the most professionalism, in addition to rapid response, that I have ever experienced. On top of it all, our beagle had laboratory tests followed by surgery for less cost than other vets have simply performed tests in the past…and then taken a few days to get back to you.

I would definitely give them a try if you are looking for a vet that is less than ten minutes from your door and you would like to support another Stapleton Mom (I know I do!). Deanna Miller is at Rising Sun Animal Care (303-577-0195) at 100 Spruce Street in Lowry. Happy to share details of my great experience with anyone!
– Wendy