Lady’s Story

Hi there! My name is Lady. I am a 10 year old Maltese mix that Elisa found running loose in her neighborhood. I gave her a merry chase when we first met because I was frightened and not sure what she intended to do with me. She finally managed to convince me to come to Rising Sun Animal Care. I had a collar on, but no tags and when the staff scanned me, I had no microchip either.

Unfortunately that meant I had no quick way to get back to my owner. I was lucky Elisa found me before I was too cold or injured. Please make sure your pets wear their tags at all times and consider getting them microchipped and licensed in whatever city or county you live in. That way they have a quick way to get back home to you if they ever get lost. Denver City and County are even returning found pets back home if they have a Denver license on instead of taking them to the shelter.

Six days into my time with the staff at Rising Sun Animal Care and my owner had not claimed me. In the days after she found me, I heard Elisa talking about putting up flyers, contacting local shelters – even putting up ads on Craig’s List. It made me sad that my owner didn’t want to come back for me, but I’ve made lots of friends here at Rising Sun Animal Care. I’ve even had sleepovers at Elisa, Holly and Mandi’s houses. They decided to do some blood work on me to make sure I was healthy. I got the Senior Panel since I’m over seven.

It looked at all my organ functions and made sure I was free of heartworms – even checked my urine. As your pets get older, it’s a good idea to run a senior panel at least once a year. It helps catch potential problems and treat them before they have time to fester. My blood work actually looked great, but I have some congestive heart failure. However, that can be managed with medications. I did have a urinary tract infection, though. I didn’t know I had an infection because I wasn’t having any issues going to the bathroom or anything else obvious. Your pets may not show any obvious signs either. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check. I was started on antibiotics right away.

Ten days in and there was still no word from my owner. That’s okay, though. I was having a good time with my friends at Rising Sun Animal Care, and they found someone willing to adopt me. They decided I needed a makeover. My teeth hurt and I had some very painful lumps on my belly.

See how horrible my teeth looked? I ended up losing all of them because they were in such bad shape and hurt so bad. I was scared at first about not having any teeth left – how would I eat? Then Dr. Miller told me a story about a cat she knew that lost all of her teeth too. The very next day her owner said she was shoving her housemate out of the way to get a share of the kibble because she felt so good. She told me stories about other patients that had dentals and felt so much better afterward.

When you get your pet a regular dental, you’re helping them keep their teeth healthy so this doesn’t happen. I would have liked to have kept my teeth, but Dr. Miller says I will be able to manage just fine. My belly lumps look pretty bad, too huh? I had three of them removed. That’s why it’s so important to get your pet a wellness exam twice a year. We get older a lot faster than humans do, so things can develop very quickly, like my one lump did. Maybe we could have caught it before it got so big and painful.

Pictures of my Makeover

The first one is me right before I went back to treatment, with Elisa and Holly. I was a little nervous, so they gave me lots of love. They even allowed me to pick out a brand new collar to wear after my procedure. It was pink and had a rainbow of butterflies on it!

The next picture is me in my kennel after getting my catheter and a nice warm sweater to keep me warm during my procedure. Every anesthetic patient at Rising Sun Animal Care gets a catheter so they can have IV fluids during their procedures. Fluids help keep blood pressure regulated and keep patients hydrated during their anesthesia. They also help the kidneys flush toxins through, including the anesthetic. The catheter gives my surgery team easy access for administering medications and allows them to respond quickly if there is a problem.

Here are some pictures of my dental. I’m sorry if they are a bit graphic. My teeth were in really bad shape. As I said, I ended up losing all of them. You can see the heating pad they had me on all through my dental and the towel they kept over me to keep me warm.

See all the wires they had hooked up to me to make sure I was doing okay under anesthesia? All patients at Rising Sun Animal Care have someone monitoring their vitals the whole time they are under anesthesia. You can see the emergency drugs they keep on hand in case there is a problem and the drug calculation chart.

Look at all the dental equipment! You might recognize some of it from your own dental office. Every dental patient gets full mouth x-rays because 28-42% of the problems they find are underneath the gum line. Scaling, polishing, extractions, and sealants are all part of what the team at Rising Sun Animal Care does during dentals.

Here are pictures of them getting me ready for my lump removal. They moved me into their surgical suite for this part of my makeover. You can see the surgery pack and the doctor putting her surgical gloves on. There was a heating pad underneath me for this part of the procedure as well.

Notice that I’m still hooked up to the monitoring equipment. You can even see some of my numbers up on the screen. I thought that was pretty cool. You can also see the corner of my anesthesia chart. At Rising Sun Animal Care, vitals are routinely recorded all throughout an anesthetic procedure. That way any unusual fluctuations or inconsistencies can be caught right away.

And here I am starting to wake up after my makeover. After I was fully awake, Dawn told me she made a grooming appointment for me with a groomer she knows really well. It was far enough in the future, my incisions would have plenty of time to heal and I would have my sutures out. Usually sutures are removed 10-14 days after a procedure.

The day after my makeover, I felt so much better! My mouth wasn’t hurting nearly as much and my tummy felt better without those horrible lumps. I was starting to settle into my new home. Holly says I wag my tail all the time now and I love spending time in the sun. I’m making friends in my new home. Here’s a picture of me with my friend Ally the Labrador retriever. She’s about my age.

The day after my grooming appointment I was hanging out with Grandpa Bruce by the lilac bush. I really like my new summer cut! I look a lot less scruffy, and I’m much cooler. Thank you Vickie, for putting the finishing touch on my makeover!

I’m glad my friends at Rising Sun Animal Care found me and took care of me. I’m looking forward to a pain-free happy life with plenty of warm sunny days and time with my two-legged and four-legged friends.