• Karen Wolfer Avatar

    Dr. Miller is simply the best! I called with a concern about my puppy’s eyes. I got quick, wonderful service. She knows me and my dogs so well. I am truly lucky that Dr. Miller is our family’s veterinarian. I won’t ever go anywhere else.

    Karen Wolfer 3 days ago
  • Avery La Fleur Avatar

    Wonderfully attentive and communicative to my pups first visit. The entire staff was so welcoming upon arrival arrival. They made sure I understood everything they were saying and provided recommendations when requested.

    Avery La Fleur 1 month ago
  • John Bourne Avatar

    Dr. Miller has been our 16 year old Westies vet for over 5 years and we recommend Rising Sun to anyone with a beloved pet. She and her team are professional, transparent and direct when it comes to caring for Parker. At the beginning of the year... read more

    John Bourne 1 month ago
  • Taylor Mormile Avatar

    An absolutely wonderful vet! Always a pleasure to talk to and see anyone working in the office. I recently had an issue where my puppy needed medication while we were on vacation in New York and the team at Rising Sun was incredibly helpful in making sure he was able... read more

    Taylor Mormile 1 month ago
  • Sophia Spilotro Avatar

    These ladies are definitely animal lovers! From scheduling my first appointment to interacting with the vet herself, wowza I am impressed. I know my cats are in excellent hands! The staff care for their patients as if they are their own and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Sophia Spilotro 2 months ago
  • Stephie C Avatar

    All the staff as well as the Dr's are awesome. Very respectful and courteous and very caring. No matter what the issue is with regards to any animal, they pay attention and ask/answer questions. I have never felt rushed or hurried. And the humane treatment of my animal's passing. I... read more

    Stephie C 2 months ago
  • Meredith Small Avatar

    One of the few vets I trust completely with my pets. Dr. Miller is so kind and knowledgeable and everyone that works there has a great attitude and goes above and beyond.

    Meredith Small 3 months ago
  • Eric Jordan-Bibb Avatar

    Every time I call them, they have been so kind and every time I’m about to hang up, they always tell me to give my dog lots of snuggles from them. I was able to go into the office, with a mask, and everyone was so nice. They were patient... read more

    Eric Jordan-Bibb 3 months ago
  • Kate Riden Avatar

    I have been taking my 2 dogs and 1 cat here for almost 4 years. They remind me when everyone is due for shots and annual exams and they are always on top of everything and so professional! The vets take the time to explain things to me and are... read more

    Kate Riden 3 months ago
  • Haven Himmi Avatar

    Very personable and tailors to your lifestyle and pet's unique needs. Felt my pets were in very caring hands from everyone in the clinic

    Haven Himmi 4 months ago
  • Amanda Avatar

    I took my new kitten here for the first time and was very happy with how kind and professional all the staff members were. They really seemed to care about my pet and gave my kitten lots of love and attention. Making an appointment was also extremely easy as they... read more

    Amanda 4 months ago
  • Rich Keel Avatar

    Amazing place. Absolute professionals. Truly love the animals and always do the best for them. Highly recommended.

    Rich Keel 5 months ago
  • Rachel Valencia Avatar

    Hands down best vet I've ever been to. My dog and I moved states and she has quiet the history. They were thorough reviewing her records and being sure to ask clarifying questions for anything not clear in her records. We ended up having to be referred to a specialist... read more

    Rachel Valencia 5 months ago
  • John Waite Avatar

    Very freindly people! Utmost care for your pet! I will return!A++

    John Waite 5 months ago
  • Mary McKnabb Avatar

    We took our elderly dog to Rising Sun Animal Care to be put down, the staff and the doctor couldn't have handled it better. The kindness, professionalism, empathy they showed me and our sweet Maggie made an extremely difficult time so much easier. It had been such a difficult week... read more

    Mary McKnabb 7 months ago
  • Jonathan Vaughn Avatar

    Very helpful and had lots of information on the best things we can do to take care of and help our new adopted husky. They seem to really care for the animals that come in, and take the the time to really talk to you about your pets and what's... read more

    Jonathan Vaughn 8 months ago
  • Karri Godec Avatar

    I was so thankful for the compassion and kindness of the entire Team at Rising Sun when I was struggling as to whether to put down my girl, Stieglitz, who was 14 years old. I spoke with multiple individuals to come to the conclusion that I did, and all... read more

    Karri Godec 8 months ago
  • Brooke Garcia Avatar

    This place is amazing! The technicians and the Vets genuinely care about the animals and are knowledgeable. They give their honest feedback and don’t try to upsell on any of their services. Highly recommend this veterinarian office for all four friend needs!

    Brooke Garcia 9 months ago
  • Vivian Lu Avatar

    I was hesitant to establish care with a new vet after moving, but Rising Sun took great care of my cat, called the next day to see how she was, and even sent me a cute ID card with her photo on it. I will be sticking with them!

    Vivian Lu 9 months ago
  • Yunan N. Avatar

    Really great experience here with establishing care for my new cat. Due to covid it's all curbside, so when I pulled up all I had to do was call in. One of the techs got the history over the phone and came out to my car to pick up my... read more

    Yunan N. 9 months ago
  • Carisa Harding Avatar

    I can not say how wonderful Dr. Miller and staff are at Rising Sun Animal Care are. I would Highly Highly Recommend them to any one looking for a vet.
    I came to Rising Sun Animal Care for acupuncture as a last option for Bri. Everyone at Rising Sun welcomed us...
    read more

    Carisa Harding 11 months ago
  • Anna Kaufmann Avatar

    This vet practice is professional, safe and I feel truly cares about my fur baby the way I do. I drive an hour from Thornton for my visits.. I have been a customer for 10 years and can't say enough about Deanna and her team. If you are looking for... read more

    Anna Kaufmann 11 months ago
  • Madalina Ciobanu Avatar

    Best care we ever found for our pets. We can always get an appointment when needed. We always get answers to the questions, and all the help we need when there's a problem. The strategy for seeing furry patients during the pandemic is brilliant, and keeps both... read more

    Madalina Ciobanu 11 months ago
  • Eric Cross Avatar

    The staff at Rising Sun have been amazing. We had a mild emergency today and they were able to get us right in for a visit. We’ve been using them ever since we adopted our pup from Dumb Friend’s League in July. With our previous dog we used closer vets... read more

    Eric Cross 1 year ago
  • Jane Powers Avatar

    If you want honest opinions where they balance your pet's well-being with your budget, this is an excellent place to go. They were prompt to provide info about pricing, they provided suggestions that were transparent and cost-effective, they were thorough with their bloodwork, etc. and overall honest. I had been... read more

    Jane Powers 1 year ago
  • John H Avatar

    I adopted from dumb friends league. They provided the shelter physical. Seemed thorough. Gave me a lot of information and answered all of my questions.

    John H 1 year ago
  • Nicole Martinez Avatar

    Pricing is comparable for new patients, shots, food and unplanned visits. I took my dog there as he had caught his nail and almost ripped it completely off and most local vets were 2 week waits or 2+hours for an unscheduled visit. They were more than willing to work... read more

    Nicole Martinez 1 year ago
  • Haley Mulstay Avatar

    FINALLY, I FOUND THE PERFECT VET! I can't tell you how hard it is to find someone who i believe genuinely cares about the wellbeing of my animals as well as being personable, responsible and all around willing to help no matter what! I have been coming here for over... read more

    Haley Mulstay 1 year ago
  • Chase Quimby Avatar

    Dr. Miller and her staff have become a second family for our pups. They have gone above and beyond on multiple occasions to help us and ensure the best care for our pets and our wallets. Our poor pup was hit by a car and I was bringing her in... read more

    Chase Quimby 1 year ago
  • Gloria Waggoner Avatar

    Great vets, staff and front office. They are all professional, knowledgeable and care about our sweet furry friends!

    Gloria Waggoner 1 year ago
  • Annika Ledbetter Avatar

    Every staff member I spoke with (maybe 4-5 people) was very sunny, and clearly love the pets in their care. Great attention to detail immediately following the appointment, and really cool they followed up to check in on one of our pups who was having a hard time. I don't... read more

    Annika Ledbetter 1 year ago
  • Andrew Butler Avatar

    We take our lab puppy, Annie, to Rising Sun, and we couldn't be happier with the care! We feel so comfortable handing her over to staff at the curbside - we know she's in great hands.

    Andrew Butler 1 year ago
  • InZaniac Gaming Avatar

    They're very kind a knowledgeable, they've taken very good care of our puppy and I can't recommend them enough.

    InZaniac Gaming 1 year ago
  • Daniel Hall Avatar

    The three standard poodles that I take care of have been going to Rising Sun for a few years. Mostly routine visits, upkeep of their medication, and sometimes illness. The staff is great, Dr. Deanna Miller is wonderful and always takes time to explain what is going on... read more

    Daniel Hall 1 year ago
  • It’s Oakley Avatar

    Amazing experience!! This was our first time visiting Rising Sun and we loved it! Owner came out introduced herself and was amazing. When I called to set up Oakley’s appointment the lady was very friendly and I got very good energy from her. Well.... they didn’t disappoint us! We will... read more

    It’s Oakley 1 year ago
  • It’s Oakley Avatar

    Amazing experience!! This was our first time visiting Rising Sun and we loved it! Owner came out introduced herself and was amazing. When I called to set up Oakley’s appointment the lady was very friendly and I got very good energy from her. Well.... they didn’t disappoint us! We will... read more

    It’s Oakley 1 year ago
  • Michell Estevez Avatar

    We went to Rising sun for the first time this week because we just got a new puppy Paxton and it was the best choice. From the front desk to the Dr. the entire staff is super helpful ,well informed and answered all of our questions. Never made us... read more

    Michell Estevez 1 year ago
  • Lisa Neal Avatar

    Rising Sun has been taking care of my pets for more than 5 years. They are thorough and compassionate. I wouldn't trust my best friends to anyone else.

    Lisa Neal 1 year ago
  • Debbi Greer Avatar

    We love Rising Sun. Our pups have been patients since 2015, when we moved from Seattle. We met Dr. Miller and her wonderful staff. They have seen us through the passing of 2 of our beloved creatures, Garth and Higgins. Dr. Miller performed a very intricate... read more

    Debbi Greer 1 year ago
  • Riannejeffries . Avatar

    They have an amazing staff that has helped our family through illness and then the sad death of our beloved 18yr old cat. They kept calling to check on her progress during the illness and were full of ideas to help. They truely care about the well being and comfort... read more

    Riannejeffries . 1 year ago
  • Rachel Hill Avatar

    We had an amazing experience here after coming from a different veterinarian. Long story short, our dog began showing signs of back pain and after a few visits to our normal vet their next suggestion was to get an MRI (fun fact: a dog MRI costs $2500).
    We came here...
    read more

    Rachel Hill 2 years ago
  • Giovanni Fioramonte Avatar

    Sunny and helpful staff who seemed to really care and like their jobs. Great nurses and doctors; upfront about costs and they remember the pups! Love it here

    Giovanni Fioramonte 2 years ago
  • Tessa Muscatello Avatar

    I hope I can use this vet for my cat's whole life. The staff are all so wonderful and my kitty is not at all stressed about coming here.

    Tessa Muscatello 2 years ago
  • Lauren Bachman Avatar

    We called them last minute hoping to get an appointment and they managed to squeeze us in. The receptionist and staff at the front desk were so friendly and came right up to our little dog and began loving on her. Our nurse was amazing, she went over a lot... read more

    Lauren Bachman 2 years ago
  • Rhea R Avatar

    I'm so happy I found this vet clinic. Every single person I've had an interaction with at this office has been amazing. Dr Miller and Dr Martinez have been great at helping me get through my animal's health issue while considering the cost. The receptionists are so welcoming and respond... read more

    Rhea R 2 years ago
  • Lucia Bollow Avatar

    You have been absolutely wonderful. I brought Ruby to you, when she was already experiencing health issues but your staff was always so positive and happy to see Ruby every time we came in. You made her passing so peaceful and positive, and she enjoyed couple pieces of chocolate before... read more

    Lucia Bollow 2 years ago
  • Tyler Whitney Avatar

    Dr. Miller and all of the staff at Rising Sun have been wonderful over the past year. You can tell that they really care about your furry family member and they take the time to explain things carefully to you. I have never felt rushed or worried about leaving my... read more

    Tyler Whitney 2 years ago
  • Milly Wagner Avatar

    Dr. Miller is the best

    Milly Wagner 3 years ago