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Best Veterinarian in Colorado!

Best Veterinarian in Colorado! Wonderful animal clinic with extraordinary care Dr. Miller saved our puppy and we could not be more pleased with the care our Beagle puppy received from Rising Sun Animal Care. Here is our story….

For Father’s day I got my husband two Beagle puppies. We had only had them two days before one of the puppies started puking clear fluid. I immediately found the first vet that could get us in the soonest. In hindsight this was a huge mistake. We were very scared and hearing the word “Parvo” made matters worse.

We agreed with the veterinarian that she should be on IV fluids and hospitalized for three days. The vet called the next morning to tell us how well she was doing and that we could pick her up at 3pm. This was very confusing as we had been told they need at least 48 hours of fluids and need to be eating and drinking on her own. We picked our puppy up and the next morning she had a relapse. The vet in Brighton told us that “It is like when you get out of the hospital you need your sleep”. I then told her she hasn’t had any fluids or eaten in 12 hours and parvo dehydrates them and they die. She said well the very soonest we could even get you in would be 4:30pm and we really can’t make any promises. When inquiring about IV fluids she said I am not looking that up right now.

After hearing all that I added every rescue I could find on Facebook in the Denver area and got numerous recommends for Dr. Miller at Rising Sun Animal Care. We immediately called and she said drive over as soon as possible. Her office staff was very knowledgeable about parvo and made us feel so comfortable. She took our little puppy in her arms and looked her in the eyes and asked her how she felt and gave her a kiss. She said she would take good care of her and she did. The next day she also squeezed in my sister’s dogs and my other dog, for a total of five dogs, in for vaccinations to make sure they were all current on their parvo vaccinations. She also let us know about Heartworm in the Colorado area and put them on preventative maintenance.

Her office staff is wonderful. Vicky at the front desk is so sweet and accommodating. We really enjoyed talking to her on the phone and in the office. Her technician Kathryn was also extremely knowledgeable and helpful with cleaning tips for parvo and even baby tips for human babies. We also loved how when you leave you know what is going on and you are never left in the dark. When you leave you know what the next steps are. Dr. Miller has spent hours explaining care plans and offering helpful tips and advice. The only reason our puppy is still alive is because of Dr. Miller and her staff. She is the most caring and compassionate veterinarian that I have ever met. She is excellent and will be very direct and honest with you. We will only be using Dr. Miller as our vet and I highly recommend that you do the same!
– Nicole

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"The ability to trust the person who medically cares for the animals in my life is of paramount importance to me.  Owning two sweet American Eskimo dogs, I fell in love with Dr. Deanna the first time she told me how much she adores “white fuzzies”.   My trust and confidence began building as she cared for my animals through the various mishaps and illnesses they have experienced.  The final validation occurred when my therapy dog, Cissy, had a reaction to her Rabies shot and would have died if not for the quick and accurate diagnosis on Dr. D’s part.  She is “to-the-point” in her approach, which is instrumental in our decision making processes.

Dr. Deanna is analytical, understanding and knows what is best for any animal (and for the two-legged owners!)  Her love and respect of all animals is apparent – being a veterinarian isn’t a “job” to her – it is definitely a calling.  My dogs are my life, so I virtually trust her with my life."
- Mary Haack (Cissy & Missy)

My beagle had a strange growth on his foot two weeks ago and I remembered seeing a vet advertise her new practice in our group. I found her postings and contacted Dr. Deanna Miller. I was able to work with both Dr. Miller and Dr. McGuire. I have been to many vets over the past 12 years in different towns and their practice exhibited the most professionalism, in addition to rapid response that I have ever experienced. On top of it all; our beagle had laboratory tests followed by surgery for less cost than other vets have simply performed tests in the past...and then taken a few days to get back to you.

I would definetly give them a try if you are looking for a vet that is less than ten minutes from your door and you would like to support another Stapleton Mom (I know I do!). Deanna Miller is at Rising Sun Animal Care (303-577-0195) at 100 Spruce Street in Lowry. Happy to share details of my great experience with anyone!
- Wendy

"I have known Dr. Miller for some time now and can attest that not only is she the only vet I would trust with my pets, she is also in general someone I would trust with anything I cared about. In one word...She Cares.  I am honored to write a testimonial for Dr. Miller and am happy to share my experience of her with my dog Sarah. In fact, Dr. Miller even gave "free advice" for one of our horses at our kids’ camp.

She is willing to do whatever it takes to serve the community and be a strong advocate for animals. She has integrity, compassion, and a huge heart. She treats animals with respect and unconditional love. Her education is unmatched and the amount of time, money and effort she has committed to in order to provide Rising Sun Animal Care with what it takes to be a comprehensive Wellness Center is only a fraction of what she is willing to do to make sure animals have a voice and caregivers have options. I highly recommend her as a Veterinarian and can't say enough about her as a person. It is refreshing to find people who really, really care."
- Heather Steele (CEO, Steele Communications, Inc. / CEO, WindRiders Adventure Camp)

"Dr. Deanna Miller saw us immediately and made sure she had plenty of time for us to ask questions. She let us know every option available for the best and yet, affordable care for our Cat, Denise. She followed up, she presented options with compassion and care. It was very clear that Dr. Miller cared about our cat and was a strong advocate for her while educating us on what we could do to provide the healthiest, most comfortable environment for Denise. Thank you Dr. Miller. Rising Sun Animal Care is the only place we will take our pets."
- Christopher Keener (Denise Kitty) CEO, The Performance Works, Inc.

"Schatz (German for treasure) was truly just that -- a treasure that we found at the Denver Dumb Friends League. For 14 years, she was my baby, my best friend and my hiking buddy.   For 12 of those 14 years, she was the only baby in the house. Then, I had my oldest son and will never forget the day I brought him home. I sat on the sofa and my husband brought her in. I had been gone for three days, so she was very excited to see me. She came running over and just about the time she got to me, the baby in my arms made a little noise. She stopped dead and tilted her in the cutest way, as if to say, "SAY WHAT?" I was afraid she would be jealous, but in her incredible way of making me love her more every day, she became my son's guardian. She slept under his bed and was his biggest fan.

Needless to say, when the time came to say good-bye to my Schatz, I was devastated. However, in the midst of this terrible sorrow, I remember thinking how kind, how compassionate Dr. Miller was to me in Schatz's final moments. I knew, I felt, that she truly understood my loss and rather than being an uncomfortable stranger in a very personal moment, she became my ally -- my friend who stood with me in a moment when I felt very vulnerable.   I knew at that moment she would be my family's veterinarian for life. She brings the rare combination of ability, humor and compassion to her job. I can't thank her enough for all she did for Schatz...and all she is doing now for Cash, our newest family member."
-  Jill McGranahan (Schatz)

I neglected to post our positive experience with Dr. Miller and her team at Rising Sun last month. I discovered at 430 one afternoon that our lab had eaten a bunch of red berries, I assumed from our yard. The tree in our yard with red berries had a tag on it and I googled the tree type and it said it was poisonous to humans and possibly animals (great tree to have in your yard, huh!!). Anyway, I called our regular vet and they said they couldn't see us that evening as it was too late and I would have to call Alameda East. I found Rising Sun's info and called them and they happily saw our dog, ran some tests, stayed late and assured us that all was going to be OK. Even though it was one of the first days they were open, they went above and beyond to take care of Dylan and ease our worries. Happy to report he is doing just fine. 🙂
Another happy customer...
- Charis

We adopted our precious Shylo from a mill dog rescue organization and he was very sick when we took him home. We immediately brought him to Dr. Miller. Her quick and thoughtful diagnostics, along with her passion for healing our pet, was evident then and continues to be evident to this day. We bring Shylo in for routine care, illness, and injury, and she is always there for us. She is honest and loving and we trust her 100% with our pet's health. I never feel 'rushed' during her examinations, nor do I feel like my time is wasted. Dr. Miller's thoroughness and accuracy are refreshing. She is conscientious of the costs to care for a pet, and gives us complete information and genuine support to make the best decisions we can. The clinic staff really do care about pets and people. We will bring Shylo, and any other animal we adopt into our family, to Dr. Miller every time.
- Nicole Jaech (Shylo)

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