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Thank You Bill Roberts School

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We would like to say thank you to Bill Roberts School for allowing us to participate in their spring carnival. We brought some of our animals to play with the children and had a lot of fun meeting them and their parents. Our dogs, Rena, Fergus and Eilora couldn’t get … Read More

The Results Are In!

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We would like to share with you some results from specials we have run in our previous newsletters and highlight some upcoming specials. Also, in our last newsletter we had a Guess that Breed Contest featuring Scratch (pictured to the left). We would like to extend our congratulations to our … Read More

The Importance of Preventive Medicine

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Often you may wonder why your veterinarian recommends diagnostics for your pet when he or she seems healthy. Things are not always what they seem. Pets can be very stoic when it comes to showing signs of illness, and often by the time a disease is diagnosed, there is irreversible … Read More

Looking Forward to a New Year

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As we close out our second full year of business, we are making big plans for 2013. We want to continue to offer you and your furry friends the highest quality care and personal attention you have come to expect from us. To help us serve you better we are … Read More

Spotlight on the Cody Fund

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We’d like to share a special project with you. The Cody Fund was started to honor the memory of Cody, a six-year old rescue dog who belonged to two airline pilots. While his owners were flying, he spent a lot of time in the care of Marie, our friend and … Read More

Happy Anniversary, Rising Sun Animal Care!

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From the Desk of Dr. Deanna C. Miller: We are proud to be celebrating our one-year anniversary as an AAHA accredited practice! For those of you that don’t know, AAHA stands for the American Animal Hospital Association, which was founded in 1933 and is the only association that provides voluntary … Read More

Ren Fair Fun

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Thanks to all of you who joined us at the 2012 Colorado Renaissance Festival! We had a great time and enjoyed visiting with you during the midday meal at the corporate garden.

Have We Seen Your Cat Lately?

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There are 82 million pet cats in the U.S. compared with 72 million dogs, making cats the most popular pet. Yet studies show the number of feline veterinary visits is declining steadily each year. So our question to you is, “Have we seen your cat lately?” Here are some common … Read More

Spring is here, and parasites are not far behind

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Heartworms are among the most dangerous parasites that infect dogs and some cats. Thousands of cases
of canine heartworm disease are reported in the US every year, many of those in Colorado. We had many clients take advantage of this special, and we had three animals test positive for exposure to one of the tick borne diseases. Early treatment, before symptoms appear, reduce the risks of your animal being in pain, and reduce the risks of life-limiting side effects from prolonged infection. Read More

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